Monday, March 22, 2010

Okay guys I know I have been terrible at this lately. Things I think are starting to wind down over the holidays, birthdays and many events to attend. But let me just tell you it has been a blast. I was just sitting and thinking today about how crazy it has been since Stella was born. I had issues with going to the bathroom (lady's take your stool softeners), a large kidney stone, a broken leg were I had to wear a boot for two and a half months, and many colds....Toby has not been without he had this huge rash that took over his body taking two months for it to go away, his back nearly going out, three moles removed off his back (not cancerous) and an infection in his nose twice. Wow, this baby coming into the world really changes things...ha ha ha. We love our little Stella Bella and we would do it all over again....I think???? Just kidding! Here are just a few pictures of our little one at her baby dedication. She did so great and was just a little princess up in front of the congregation. We thought we messed up the whole deal when we realized we forgot the PACI but she held strong without it. Stella got this certification, a bible, and a stuffed frog with a book about F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely On God). I hope with all my heart that she will come to know the Lord at a early age and learn to fully rely on him. One of the pictures is Miss Priss sitting so big in her little red rocking chair while sipping on her sippy cup. She thinks she is big stuff getting up and down off the chair. Well I know people told me not to worry she will get off the bottle and take the cup.....YEA she did it. No more worrying until our next stage :) One day I was home and wanted something warm and filling to eat so for lunch I made spaghetti and she loved it. I think it is so hilarious how much she looks like "The Zachary's" in this picture. Well I hope this finds everyone well. I will try and be better about posting....I know I keep saying that.

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